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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 1...

Once I got there Friday at noon.....we headed to Oceanside so I could meet her adopted daughter Grace. She is newly married and Alicia is so proud of her. scratch that.....she is a gorgeous, young lady! So happy that I got to meet her! We had time before the kiddos and Steve would be home, so we went out and had a snack.......coconut shrimp....yum!!!

I had a margarita to kick the weekend off!

We agreed that Margaritas would be a great choice for tonight....especially since she has a Margaritaville Margarita Machine!!! I wish I had one!

We stopped by Stater Bros and a store in Temecula called HAZIT to get all the supplies....First pic of the day!

We saw Steve and the kids driving to get Del Taco (one of my favorite things on this earth is their 'half pound bean and cheese burrito with red sauce') I made her go through the Drive-Thru too so I could get 2 of them....for a late-night snack....this is "VACATION" right????

Then, we went back to Alicia's house and saw Steve, David and Elaina! Soooooo happy!!!

Then, it was time to do a champagne toast to "Friends Forever" and take a ton of pictures!!!

Then, there was lots of dancing, laughter, deep...deep conversations and tons of need to show them all....this one will fill you in pretty well.....

I think Alicia would agree that although we still know how to "kick it"....we probably shouldn't put any pictures of us dancing in the kitchen.....people might try to steal our moves....HA!!!


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