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Friday, June 29, 2012

9 weeks

I am pretty sure that I am 9 weeks as of today or yesterday. We'll know for sure on Tuesday though. Here is what's happening:

1.  Sooo tired that it takes actual effort to keep my eyelids open.
2.  Dizzy. Dizzy. Dizzy. On and off throughout the day. Especially in the morning.
3.  The hormones are deffinitely surging.....trying to not let them get the best of me.
4.  Hair seems to be falling out more. Hormones maybe? Will check with the Dr. on Tues.
5.  Craving fruit. I have never ate so much fruit in my life. Tastes like candy.
6.  Although, I have only gained feels like I have gained 15lbs. Bloating = Check
7.  Frustrated with my lack of energy. Mentally I need to exercise. Physically my body feels like a slug. Arms and legs feel like weights themselves. This has made me cry this week....more than a couple times. Boo.

On the positive....the baby is as big as an olive. And, this week our baby will be developing his pee pee or her woo hoo. The heartbeat can now be heard by a doppler device.

Today, is supposed to be extremely hot. Taking Asher and myself to the Y, then to the library. Will pick up some beer for Eric. Asher has been playing outside a lot this week, but I might have to put on a movie or pull out some special "rain-day activities" for today. Just too hot to be outside. Pizza is what's for dinner tonight. I am excited to spend time with Eric.

Have a great weekend!

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Angel said...

You're pregnant!!! Woohoo! Congrats!