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Friday, July 29, 2011

A ton of food....

I made a ton of food for this weekend....this weekend the fridge is full with:

bacon chicken jalapeno wraps
my enchilada dip
bacon and cheese bread
homemade pico de gallo - thank you Jessica!! I used your tomatoes!!!
chicken and cheese flour taquitos
kicked up pineapple bread pudding

We'll be eatin good!!! I also got ingredients to try a couple more new recipes whenever we eat all that!!!

So yummy!!! A huge jar of homemade pico de gallo....:)

chopped tomatoes
red onion
lime juice
salt & pepper

So excited to spend the weekend with Eric and Asher.....yesterday, Asher was a mean boy.....

He has been an absolute angel today....between cooking and trying new recipes and him being the sweetest has been really wonderful!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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