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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mental Breakdown

Last night I pretty much had a full-on mental breakdown.....every-once-in-awhile the hormones get to me....ya know??? Anyway, if you could have been in my head this week, you would have tried to put me in a straight-jacket. It was like someone was force feeding me double strength crazy bills.....I am thankful for my husband putting up with my craziness and being calm in a sticky situation....if he had reacted too swiftly, talked too soon or said something dreadful (in "my head").....I probably would have attacked like a lion and clawed his eyes happy he is so wonderful...because I really love his eyes.....they are beautiful.....
So, since I haven't felt like my normal, happy self.....I was thinking it might be okay to not have a traditional Thanksgiving meal.....but, since my meltdown last whole perspective has, Asher and I made a trip to the is my menu for tomorrow....

Turkey and Gravy...of course...
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes
Broccoli and Cheese
Mom #1 Peach Custard Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Dinner Rolls

There will also be plenty of Cold Duck in my glass.....(Roby Family Tradition)

Can't wait to watch the Macy's parade too!!!


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Angel said...

Girl I had the worst freaking morning ever. I wanted to rip my ears off so people couldn't bug me! Clearly it's the moon or something messing with us, lol.

Cold Duck? Keepin' it classy Missy! Woohoo!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your handsome men!!!