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Friday, October 29, 2010


I have a slight obsession with cookbooks....I have a ton and read them like I you would read a novel. Most of the time it is just to find inspiration, but there are a few cookbooks that I cherish and the recipes bring me back to a time or memory.
These are my 3 favorites...also, my first 3 cookbooks that I ever purchased.

#1.  Naomi's Home Company (Naomi Judd)
   Moving from Ohio to California after we got married was a huge adjustment. Eric was gone a lot and I was homesick quite a bit. I happened to be in a bookstore at the mall and started flipping through this cookbook. It reminded me of my Mom. I bought it and immediately went home and read it cover to cover. It was almost like the cookbook brought me back to when I was 7 years old and would sing Judd songs with my Mom. All the recipes had a story and photo. The recipes were of things that I grew up eating. It was right around Thanksgiving, and Eric was deployed. One of my dearest friends (Alicia), invited me over to celebrate. I decided I was going to make Naomi's Sweet Potato Casserole to take over. It was not only a success, but I remember saying that I wish I could slather it all over Eric's body and lick it off! HA! I know I'm not normal, but he was gone A LOT....I was day dreaming you know? Anyway, that was the point when I fell in love with cooking...the gratification...the joy...the memories....all of it! This cookbook is stained and dirty on most of the pages. I have made so many yummy meals from it. This is hands down my favorite cookbook that I own.

#2.  The Farmhouse Cookbook (Liz Trigg)
   This is a great cookbook. Has so many recipes that I have made minus a few ingedients here or there (Eric can be picky about certain foods). It has beautiful photos and easy-to-follow directions. I used to have it sitting out on our coffee table all the time.

#3.  Cooking With Astrology (Sydney Omarr)
   This cookbook is really fun. It is more like a REAL book. A lot of information about how astrology and food/entertaining are connected. It has great recipes that are easy and fun. This cookbook reminds me of California. It probably started my whole obsession with buying more cookbooks. A great book to read that happens to have recipes in it.

Why am I talking about my fav cookbooks? It was a topic discussed on one of my fav blogs that I read daily. Do you have a fav cookbook?

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