Running from Crazy!!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

My last blog...hopefully!

Sorry.  I meant to post this yesterday but got busy and forgot.  Don't worry...

Running From Crazy will be home today!
Why are there only fitness infomercials on History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and History International from 0300-0700?  Aren't a lot of the people that watch those shows fairly active? What if I can't sleep?  Sleep deprivation will not make me more likely to buy a juice machine.  Why can't I just watch American Pickers, Ice Road Truckers, Monster Fish or Cash Cab at night if I want without having to wait for Chuck Norris to finish pitching me a home gym? Anyways, here is what we did yesterday.
Woke up and went to church,
Then back for some grilling and a fantasy draft,
And then some fun in the backyard,
Then cooled off with a treat,
Now heading to the airport!

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winning this thing called life said...

I love you girl and miss you already!!!! I can't wait to come see you! Hope Asher loved his cup! We love you guys sooooo much!!!