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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yesterday Sucked

As many of you know, Eric and I switched Pediatricians. Yesterday, was Nora's 2 week appt with her new Pediatrician. We were asked if we had any concerns....I told her that she was eating, pooping and sleeping. Nothing that I could think of.....she asked me if we had scheduled her hip ultrasound due to her being breech. I told her that we didn't because when I questioned the other Pediatrician, he said that it wouldn't be necessary. Her hips looked fine. Then, she listened to her heart. She asked if anyone had mentioned her having a heart murmur. My throat closed up and my heart stopped beating for a second.....I told her no....Anyway, long story short....From 11:00am - 3:30pm, I was a mess. The waiting for her ultrasound was torture. Eric and I were so overjoyed when the Dr. told us that she was perfectly normal and she would outgrow it. Thank you God. Forgive me for wanting to punch Nora's 1st Pediatrician in the balls.
Oh....and her hip ultrasound will be in 4 weeks.

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