Running from Crazy!!!


Friday, January 25, 2013


I was responding to an email this morning, and realized that it would be nice if I shared this with everyone that I love - Trying to get into a routine. Sleepy, but soooooo happy. I just stare at her and can't believe she's finally all ours. She is healthy and beautiful. I can't wait for you to hold her. She's perfect. Asher is such a good big brother. I was worried about how he would adjust, but so far, he has been great. Anyway, we found out yesterday that we would be going to Quantico. I think initially, Eric was a little disappointed, but it does have many positives. It is probably the best for our family at this point in time. I was trying to figure out how we would get our little cars, two kids, our stuff and sanity out to California......this move to Quantico will be so much easier. Having family closer will be so nice too. It will all be good. Heck, if not, it's only 9 months long. We can handle anything for that amount of time! :) What I am worried about is Eric deploying afterwards. But, I can't worry about that far ahead. Eric can work on his masters bit by bit and we'll just pay out of pocket. Life is good and we feel beyond blessed. Anyway, I miss you! I hope you are doing great! I need to get to studying Reiki now! I can actually sit in comfort!!! No more agony!!! Love you!!!

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