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Thursday, August 9, 2012

You got it!!!

Asher just got finished quizzing me as I was doing laundry..... Here was our conversation....

Asher:  Moni, let's see if you can guess the days of the week by me giving you clues! Here we go!
What day is it when it is yellow and the whole day is bright?

Me:  Sunday?

Asher:  Yes! Moni! You got it! Now, what is the day when it's squishy and dirty and brown?

Me:  Huh? I don't know.....Monday?

Asher:  Yessss!!! Mudday!!! Okay Moni....what is the day of the week that has a number in it? I'll give you a second clue! It is inbetween 1 and 3.....

Me:  Tuesday?

Asher:  You got it! You are doing great Moni!

(Wednesday and Thursday were pretty simple...skip to Friday)

Asher:  What day of the week is a food from McDonald's that I always eat?

Me:  Friday?

Asher:  Yes! Now, we have just one more to go! What day has rings around it and is a planet?

Me:  Saturday?

Asher:  Yes! Moni! Yes! Saturnday!!! have completed all the clues!!! Good Job!

He helped make folding laundry a lot more enjoyable! HA!

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