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Monday, March 19, 2012

49 days...

to go before Daddy gets home....
We took Eric to the airport yesterday. I was having anxiety pretty bad all last night, so I decided to make lists....things to do and places to go with Asher, cleaning projects, fitness goals and beauty regimens I want to try while Eric is gone. It helped.

After school, we went to the library. Asher got 2 movies and books, and I got some cookbooks to look at. Maybe I'll find a new recipe to try this weekend.

Anyway, I can cross off one of the cleaning projects off my list. My closet! It was a disaster! I am donating clothes, shoes, books, Asher's coat and halloween costume to his school. They are having a yard sale to help raise money. :)

This pile grew to another garbage bag full! While I was busy cleaning.....Asher was working on his planets and solar system. He also wanted to color.
That picture of Eric is the one he opened up today. Eric made 49 envelopes with a surprise note and a picture of him. :)

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