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Monday, December 26, 2011

Carnival Cruise - Christmas 2011

(Nassau, Bahamas)

Let me just say one thing.......This vacation was AMAZING!!!!! We can't wait to do another cruise!!! We all had a blast!!!

(Freeport, Bahamas)
(Asher dancing to the country band)
(Asher and I dancing after the formal dinner)
(Key West, FL)

(Sloppy Joe's, Key West)
(Captain Tony's, Key West)....I left one of my bracelets wrapped around a fishing net...:)
Key West was soooo awesome!!! Can't wait to go back!!!

I took so many picks of Asher and Eric swimming.....these are the best ones.....
After a long swim.....a cupcake is needed for boy needs his energy!!!
(Wiped out after Eric and I did a "Dance-Off" at the Night Club)

To say we had a wonderful time, it would be an was such a great family vacation. We all had fun, and can't wait to cruise again!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

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