Running from Crazy!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Philadelphia was so cool! So much to see and do.....ridiculous! Here are some of the pics...
City Tavern
This Tavern has been open for 150 years......we had a pitcher of beer (Rolling Rock), potstickers and old bay fries.....delicious!
We walked around forever.....went to the HardRock....then, to China Town the first night!
The next day we went to the Italian Market and to the game.....the Phillies game was so awesome!! The fans were crazy!!!

After the game we went to several Taverns and walked around everywhere!!!
We ate some amazing grub!! We went to a place called Continental and ate these shoe string fries, mexican pizza and phillie steak rolls....then, we asked a local about where to go for dessert.....we had the best ice cream, bread pudding and deep fried oreos!!! I am still dreaming about the pb ice cream I had and the deep fried oreos!!!
We walked back to our hotel and noticed that the moon was so orange and beautiful!! Philadelphia was such a great experience!!!

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