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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Surprise

Yesterday, we had planned on going for dinner and drinks somewhere new. We didn't get to do much on our actual anniversary (Thursday), because Eric had to wake up at 4am on Friday morning. Moping around was what we were doing yesterday morning. My plan was to run off the heartache and pain from the night before....on the treadmill. I know a bb game should not make that much of a difference in your daily life, but we are "sports people" really hurt....:( So, I ran. And ran. Then, I biked. After I got home, Eric called and told me to start packing an overnight bag. He had called Jessica (babysitter) and asked her to stay overnight. He went on to explain that we needed to get out of our stenchy mood and stay the night in downtown Richmond. He booked the Omni Hotel in the Shockoe Bottom District and we were off! We had a great time at these places and met a wonderful new cab driver, Hamid.

At Sine Irish Pub....The draft selection was awesome! Smithwick's, Harp and Magner's Cider were all on tap! Score!!!!
We got Hamid and headed to Legends Brewery, which kind of reminded us of a Golden Corral. Very strange. Eric ordered fried hotdogs....disgusting....:)

Yes, I still kissed him after he ate beer battered fried hotdogs.....After he devoured those disgusting puppies, Hamid took us back to Tobacco Company.
If you are in Richmond, Hamid is a wonderful cab driver......540-205-4887.

We had sooooo much fun!

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