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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Brewers???

This morning we both got to drop Asher off at preschool. Then, we headed to Goodwill to find throw away clothes for the marathon....we also found a couple items that are way too nice and comfy to throw away...SCORE....afterwards, we went to the Y for a quick workout.

We had a little time to spare before Asher got out of school so we decided to stop by a place I have always wanted to check out.
It is called The Weekend Brewer. Some of the blogs that I follow talk about making beer themselves and the more I read about it.....the more fun and interesting it sounds...something else Eric and I could enjoy doing together. Anyway, the owner was overly nice and told us everything we need to get started. He explained a lot in a short amount of time. I walked out even more excited than ever....we will have to wait a little while..just because we have some expensive months coming up, but I definitely want to become a "Home Brewer". The kit is about $100...and then you buy whatever recipe ingredients you need. It costs about $30 to make 2 cases of specialty beer. They have all kinds of recipes to choose from like Eric's two fav's (Smithwick's and Blue Moon) takes about 3 weeks for those 2 cases, but once you got your system down, it would be totally AWESOME and worth every penny!!! 

Today, we were going to go to the Health Expo and pick up our race packets, but wanted to save the experience for tomorrow.....we'll make a day of it......go out to eat maybe....spend a little more time at the Expo walking around....

I am super excited!!! I just want to run like the wind already!!!

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